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Drama is addictive, seriously.

夏庆恩 吴奇隆饰
夏庆俊 窦智孔饰
李阿宝 李佳豫饰
欧洋洋 汪政纬饰

牵牛花之家,是一个关于成长的故事 ,准确来说,是一个关于个人经历和生活环境,如何影响成长的故事。在本剧里,这家子的孩子,除了庆恩和庆俊两兄弟,其他人都是经过母亲一再改嫁,所生下同母异父的孩子。
   一家人虽然 ”环境”总是受到层层困境的考验,但是每个人对爱的”本质”却不曾改变。无论是母亲一再改嫁甚至最后生死未卜,抑或小妹阿宝的弱智及大哥庆恩的癌症…一道 道无从逃避的诅咒,穷困、卑微、低学历,仿佛被城市所遗弃后,只能选择自我放逐的“家”,再经过一番试炼后,像牵牛花般努力的发出了枝丫。一个个牵牛花之 家的小孩,不怯懦地选择了努力站起来,勇敢地面对所处的困境,坚毅的成长着。


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Whoever reads this, don't judge. Because I'm just writing this while being emo. But nobody visits my blog anyway. That's why there's no need to privatise this blog.

I discovered 2 tubs of Häagen-Dazs in the freezer today. I couldn't believe how such an expensive brand of ice cream appeared in my house. I was shocked. I felt so touched, and I actually couldn't bear to even start eating it, which never happens for regular ice cream like Walls.

And just now, Mum just came home, and I asked her when she bought it. She went, "Oh, right. I bought that for daddy because he's too skinny." I felt damn disappointed, you can't even imagine how someone would feel over merely ice cream. I asked her why she didn't buy Häagen-Dazs for me. Then she said something like: Buy for you? It's Mothers' Day, and you didn't even buy for me. I felt damn wronged I started crying. I know I cry over little things. SO WHAT. I usually just eat cheap ice cream, and I could even feel touched over seeing Häagen-Dazs in my house. I was never willing to splurge over my favourite dessert, and I always just buy cheap alternatives. I had to go…

One of the Things I Hate The Most

Today morning, Mummy flew to Penang to for my Ah Ma's wake, so my Er Gu Zhang is staying at my house while she's away, to ensure Daddy won't starve or fall down. Bcos I go to school until quite late.

Oh yeah, lemme digress a bit first. I had my LSM3211 CA1 today, and although I didn't finish studying, I felt that it was so much better than last sem. What's different is that I tried harder to study this time, and yesterday night, I managed to stop myself from watching the latest episodes of 2D1N and 稍息立正我爱你! I know the proper thing to do is to finish studying, but I really did improve from last sem. For that, I need to praise myself, encourage myself, pat myself, because I learned that scolding myself is just going to discourage me. I have been a bad student since secondary school, and I think I've improved the most in this period of time. I am a perfectionist. I am not praising myself, because that's not a good thing. My brain used to turn off every time th…


WHY DOES IT ALWAYS HAPPEN?! WHY CAN'T I CONTROL MYSELF BEFORE IT'S TOO LATE? I'm so sorry mummy. You're always so hardworking to raise me, but I never studied hard. Now my lab report is going to be late. Why do I always regret only when it's too late, but I repeat it again and again every time even though I know the consequences? I really hope this is the last time. Do not repeat your mistakes please Huai Tian. I feel so exhausted at my own behaviour and how I always give in to watching shows until I'm right before the deadline. Why am I like that? I even went to visit the counsellor. Why can't I change? I feel so bad for my mum... that she only has one daughter but I turned out like this. Please. I want to pull back my grades back up. PLEASE