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I realised I'm such a failure. I made the blog URL blackkeyetude because I wanted to learn how to play it, but I still can't play it completely well yet. Same for many other things. I want to do them but end up doing it halfway.

Anyway, I've been wanting to update my blog but I was lazy. So I'm only doing this now. :/ Lazy bum. I must change my laziness if I want to get my first class honours.

I've finished watching many dramas now, including You Who Came From The Stars and Moon Embracing The Sun. Gahhh.... I really like Kim Soo Hyun haha. I started noticing him since Dream High. Song Sam Dong was really cute and such a bumpkin. I like his voice too, although he did break his voice during live performances haha.

You Who Came From The Stars
I remember vividly that there was this interview scene at the end of an episode, and Do Min Joon/Kim Soo Hyun just squeezed out buckets of tears within seconds. Oh my god. How do you even do that? I'm such a crybaby and I can't even match up to that. Indeed, one of those with the best crying skills in dramaland, I agree with Dramabeans.

I don't know why Kim Soo Hyun always get paired up with older women... Ok, not always (Suzy). But it's true in both dramas. Han Ga In looks young for her age, so it's more or less okay, but Jeon Ji Hyun? I'm sorry, Jeon Ji Hyun looks just her age, so the image is a little weird in YWCFTS.

Moon Embracing The Sun
Wow I don't know if I'm able to get more and more absorbed into dramas/acting, but I think I cried the most with this drama. This drama is short for a period drama/sageuk, and I feel that the political part of the drama is a bit lacking. Because the romance is overpowering the political parts.

Kim Soo Hyun can cry extremely well, but when he's angry at the bad guy ministers, he just yells like he's throwing a tantrum. Because for me, I think this kind of situation should be acted by speaking louder and being more charismatic, manly, confident and like a KING, because he's trying to deal with and show the bad guys that he is all grown up and ready to fight them. Regardless of that, I still love Kim Soo Hyun! Yay.

I really like the song 시간을 거슬러 (Back in Time) – Lyn!!!!!!!!!! although I only remember three words out of the entire song haha

Oh and I'm impressed with the child actors too. Yeo Jin Goo's voice is so deep for his age, and the Mandarin dubbing on Channel U is totally not matching a crown prince and is vastly different from the original as it's higher pitched and sharper. I always prefer the original audio. Kim Yoo Jung is brilliant as always. [EDIT: I really loved the childhood portion, maybe this is why from Dramabeans " I actually think the reason everyone praises the childhood portion of this drama compared to the adult years has little to do with the actors, and more to do with the characters. They were young, idealistic, and had wide-open possibilities. They spoke their minds and wanted to change the world. Of course we rooted for them.
But they quickly grew up into dutiful, passive adults who time and again let other people decide how their lives would be. Yang-myung giving up like that was just the nail in the coffin for me. Yes, Hwon turned it around in the end, but it doesn’t make up for the drama hours I spent watching him be a shell of his former spunky prince. Had THAT been the central focus of the drama, it might’ve helped to ground the conflict in something a little meatier than restoring the princess bride to her rightful place."]

In this drama, there were a few characters that I felt were really pitiful, like Seol (she had unrequited love for Yeom and sacrificed herself while saving him), Yang Myung Goon (destined to be the second Sun, he didn't get anything he wanted: his dad's love and Yeon Woo. Well his dad loved him but didn't show it. And he got rejected by the same person, Yeon Woo/Wol twice. :( And he let himself get killed to protect his brother from similar future situations) and Yoon Bo Kyung (she loved Lee Hwon but he never loved her and he treated her with harsh words after their marriage. She committed suicide because her dad abandoned her for power so she knew she was going to lose her position whether Lee Hwon or her dad won. So sad. Apart from the fact that she ordered young Seol to be beaten up severely just because Seol dirtied her clothes, she wasn't that evil.)

I really admire Yeon Woo. She's a very intelligent and wise girl, and she is also thoughtful and caring. She loves reading books, and she can still concentrate on her 韩非子 book even when her beloved Hwon is right in front of her after 8 years lol. I hope when I get a boyfriend, I'll be able to study with him instead of getting distracted.

I'm also at the last ep of Can You Hear My Heart, but it's draggy...


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