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It's been a week after SN-VS CO interaction...

Kia Yuen, Shi Min and I took Verbs' mom's car at about 7.08am from the AMK MRT bus stop to Victoria School. We arrived at 7.25am, which was way before 7.55am. We thought we were the earliest, but apparently Xue Shi was alrdy in the school, so we were actually 2nd earliest. They refused to go in -.- until Yu Ting went in, followed by all of us. We stood at the foyer for a while, then we sat by the pond.

We went to the auditorium. We could feel the effects of global warming, despite the air-con and fans. We were grouped and played icebreakers. My group consisted of Coco, Melody, Si Han and I from SNCO, Darren Ther, Edwin, Ernest Lim Jun Wei, Clement from VSCO, Joanne and Stanson the facils. The group esp the guys was super dao... -.- so it was damn sian, couldn't wait to get out of it.

We had sectionals. love 飞天 esp the fast part! We only had 3 songs (喜唱丰收, 飞天 and 林中夜会) to practise so time was passing by rather slowly.

We had dazu :D I was sitting with Ernest Lim (the other one) on my right, Bryna in front, Jasmine behind and another boy on my left. One student conductor from VSCO conducted 飞天 with his left hand in unknown meter and at a fast speed. Before the lots-of-semiquavers fast part, he suddenly sped up. I made a weird face, then Ernest asked me "Is it too fast?". I said "Yea, a bit." After the piece ended, he said sth like "Yea that part was really tiring" I think I kind of ignored him and now I still feel bad hahaha. Some time after that, he grabbed his erhu and ran off with another boy. Then I kept talking to Jasmine. (fighting over Seung Ri)

GAMES! It was really fun. :D There were multi level captain's ball, 123 Twister, scissors paper stone, Spider web and Rescue Island. scissors paper stone was my fav but it was a little too violent and THE OTHER GROUP CHEATED!! D: My group lost terribly, we only won Rescue island.

Wet games. Gah, not that fun. Most of the water bombs missed me. One even brushed past my butt and burst on the floor - WASTED. I shld have just gone crazy and threw the water bombs at every VSCO guy I could see. I wasn't that wet, so I didn't change out of my CO tee. And as expected, my group didn't win. But I couldn't see any difference btwn the snacks for the winning groups and consolation ones, thus I was contented with what I got. It was drizzling when I went home.

고맙습니다 Kamsahamnida


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