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HCI-SN CO Interaction! It was really great fun. It's the most fun one I've gone to so far. I'm glad I went :D It's the last one of my sec sch life.

I was late. ><
I saw Shi Min, Kai Sing and Kar Yee at the 3rd bus stop.
We got lost. ><
We walked aimlessly and finally reached the SALT Centre.

I was in Group 2 tgt with Darien, Kia Yuen, Jasmine, Fabian, Haolin and Keif. At first, I thought they would be very dao, but later found that they were rather active :D Icebreakers were extremely boring (as usual). We didn't play whacko because our group was too small.

Sectionals! We practised 龙腾虎跃 and 喜唱丰收.

Dazu! Shan was abnormally hyper about 红绸舞曲 and 采茶灯 so she kept coming over to share seat. Inevitably and eventually, she grabbed the scores from her buddy, Darien.


GAMES!!!!! :D :D We were given a clue sheet for the 15 stations. The solutions to the clues are the places where the games were. We only managed to solve some clues, we just happened to be there for the rest. We went to 13/14! :D

1. Yik Yan the violent. We formed a ring with our arms hooked. We lost to Yik Yan. The result being all our arms were red from that violent struggle.
2. Poison ball. Dancing tournament? Fabian was pro.
3.Blind-deaf-mute. We cheated. xD GM couldn't stand us. Full marks.
Games below not in order
4. Who wants to be an idiot? This was where we got our group name: Pek Cek Group. We made the gm super pekcek. GM:"Get this group off me!" Aww haha. Our answers were all strange, unique and innovative. ROFL
5. Rubberbands. Original game: pass rubberbands with straw in mouth and do certain actions. GM changed it to 1 person spin 100 rounds and pass the baton only once. Feat achieved by Kia Yuen and Haolin.
6. Whoosh! Push the green tea bottle filled with water as far as possible w/o it toppling.
7. Guess the positions on the chess board the opponent group's members are standing on. 2:1 we pwn.
8. Musical sudoku
9. step on numbers in ascending order
10. scissors paper stone. spin 5 rounds if win. spin 10 rounds if lose. dizzy.
11. guess my character.
12. form the longest word
13. ?
14. ?

Anw we won 1st place with a total of 160 points! :D 3 cheers to the pek chek group!


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