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I heart Sec 3 CAMP!

I want nobody nobody but you!

yay dajie and erjie! (HEHEHEHEHE)
Helsinki=capital of Finland

Day 1
jolene, yuan ting, melissa and i got the place beside the stairs. it was a little cramped haha.
After lunch, we did Navy Seals and we lost T.T our lollipop was totally... *plop* (lollipop = wooden pole + hula hoop + newspaper)
There was this "SyNerGistic Leaders" thingy.
After that we went for shower! (: They weren't so cruel la. They gave us 45 min to shower for each major. I'm sry Le Ting and Zheng Min for showering for 10 min >.< Then we had dinner.
campfire prep. SORRY SORRY SORRY SORRY! yeah!
De-brief was also campfire prep leh. we got this yueniang and chenxi getting isolated cos chenxi achoo-ed into yueniang's dish. i think it's called rebang udang.
supper was yay cos of milo <3 but MS susan LIM said crap which lasted really long.

AHH SHUCKS. the more i think, the more i miss dajie and erjie and the camp!

Day 2
woke up before my alarm clock rang. it was really noisy, people were already up. and i could hear shouts of instructors from downstairs. Melissa was really noisy too, she sleep-talks arghz!
lol Jolene and I went down with our toothbrushes and a female instructor said fiercely: "Where're yall going?! What time now?!" then we were like 6+am... she just "ugh go la" and turned back to sleep lol.
After breakfast, we went to do HIGH ELEMENTS! there were rope, fixed plank, shaky plank, shaky plank+tire, high rock wall, low rock wall.
i did low rock wall twice. first harder second easier. sobx didn't manage to complete both. but i did my best (: so today i must go swimming to train my arm muscles!
Lunch time. then we did "turn over a new leaf". Helsinki made 2 mats out of one mat xD cos it was alrdy torn. then we had to go on the bench and line ourselves according to what dajie/erjie told us to eg height. then we got entangled. AND WE WON!
After shower and dinner, we rehearsed our campfire item. freaking funny. hah.
CAMPFIRE ROCKED. HOORAY FOR 3J! shall not say much abt campfire cos i'll rmb it forever (: thanks mrs soh too. and mr nah, if he didn't declare that we're the winners for the dance comp, what will we do to him on wednesday?

Day 3
aww i don't wanna go home >.<
the nicest breakfast there - nasi lemak and milo. a few went with er jie to clean our hut. thanks! we played truth or dare with da jie and he also let us see his passport photo. omg lah how could he have learned ballet at that time! so chubby hahaah! so not like him now.
we played where's the peanut and it got a lil out of way haha. no ass pls! no butt either, da jie! we didnt' finish the game.

missing Jeremy and Cynthia a lot.
bye gtg swim!


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