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New Year resolutions

Hello Huai Tian! Time to write New Year resolutions! This time you have to follow them. Please.

  1. Have self-discipline.
    So that you can control yourself from spending too much time on your phone, FB, Twitter, Whatsapp. You need to use this time to study. If not, spend the time doing more meaningful things like playing the piano, reading, reflecting, thinking, learning, blogging and exercising.
    Remember that you have a dream to become a doctor. You have to get straight A's in A Level, which is tough. You need to put in the effort! If you do your best, no regrets. Time can't be turned back, and life is too short to have regrets. I know it's hard to push yourself to study, but it will be worth it.
  2.  Lose weight until 50kg! Argh!
    Actually, everything ultimately links to having self-discipline and managing time well. You've got to plan your time well and then follow the plan to get things done.
    Your appetite needs to be smaller! Hahaha. You've eaten too much during the holidays, and now your appetite is bigger. But more importantly, you need to exercise more! Be it skipping rope, skating, swimming or running around, just do something! If you want to eat more, you'll just have to expend more energy. That's how the people of Belgium remain so skinny although they love fries so much. Exercise!

  3. Control your temper!
    You raise your volume very often, especially towards daddy and mummy! D: Yes, yes. You need to be more like a girl. You're so violent and rough. T.T Be gentler! Try not to scold vulgarities, even in your head! Be courteous. Have more manners, like opening the door or lift door for people, letting people go first and giving up seats.
    Be kinder to people. Although you have the urge to say whatever is in your mind, they are often hurtful, and will damage your relationship with others. Please filter your words before you say them.

  4. Be thrifty.
    It's hard to control yourself, I know, especially when the people around you spend so much, e.g on cute and pretty things, too much clothes, expensive food. But always remember it's a virtue, and you should be proud and happy that you're thrifty. You're not rich. You haven't even started earning money yet. All your angpaos and allowance are from your parents' hard-earned money. That's another reason YOU SHOULD STUDY HARD. Your mum's body is aching everywhere from working hard to feed you, you ass.
    That being said, you shouldn't be stingy. It's in your Hakka blood, but you must try to let go. When you need to spend, just spend it. Money is for spending, on necessary items. When people give you presents, treat you to food, or do you favours, you should return them.

  5. Learn to cook or bake.
    Baking looks fun. :) I want to try baking cookies.

    (To be continued if I ever think of other things to write down...)


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