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HCI-SN CO interaction!

Today we had Hwa Chong Institution - St Nicholas Chinese Orchestra interaction.
The weather's friggin hot. sigh i was sweating like a pig back there.

Met with Shan at bus interchange at 7.10 although i was supposed to go there at 7am hah.
Then she nagnagnag at me like some lao ah ma. Then the damn thing was the stupid driver drives so slowly!! i estimated it to be 55km/h lol. We arrived at the bus stop at abt 7.55?! DAMN THAT GANTIAN AND SHAN. the road was somewhat inclined and i was going slower and slower but they didn't wait for me AT ALL!

found more ppl at the clocktower and Mag led us to the SALT centre. annoying Verbs.

Xianyue/laxian went to a room with 1 air-con and 6 fans though it was not really big for 6 fans. was discussing that matter with gantian. lol. then some HC guys came in. we ignored them and they ignored us.

We went to the dazu place which is the Music Room. OMG LA! T.T SUPER BIG CAN. WHY OUR MUSIC ROOM SO TINY! donate to us not hwachong! haha! they're damn rich ): why do they need donations. "affluence of life"

we were grouped and what the. i was in the same grp as verbs, manda, jialin, boon yen, connie, yixin, munfoong. i think that's all. i can't rmb all the hc guys' names so i shan't list them out.
we played whacko, obstacle course, torture room and some qns with a sudoku puzzle. we didn't get to play the multi-level captain's ball haha but ppl who played were covered in flour.
the torture room was so torturous. eww. didn't think that it would really be torture. JIALIN'S FINGERS WERE ALL WHITE!! with her hand in the ice box

We had lunch and diluted sarsi/unkown yellowish drink
I robbed verbs phone and smsed wangchi (lol?!)
returned it to her eventually...

we went to music room again for practice. tsk Khia Yi only recognized me then. tsktsk. tsktsktsktsk. aiyo! tsktsktsktsktsk...
we played yue er gao. they played their set piece 嘎达梅林交响诗. it's super nice <3
then we played chan ge. HOLY CRAP! WAS SUPER MESSED-UP. SO PAISEH CAN.

on the bus back home, kia yuen was dozing off with her hair covering her whole face HAHA. i wanted to take a pic of her but she moved T.T


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