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Gold with HONOURS!!

Singapore Youth Festival 2009 新加坡青年节2009
Central Judging of Chinese Orchestras (Secondary Schools)
华乐中央评审 (中学级)
Singapore Conference Hall 新加坡大会堂

GOLD (G) - 15
SILVER (S) - 21
BRONZE (B) - 10

Day 1 Session 1
20 April 2009 (Monday)

S/N Name of school Time Results
1 Boon Lay Secondary School 9.00am S
2 Anglo-Chinese School (Barker Road) 9.20am G
3 River Valley High School 9.40am G
4 CHIJ Katong Convent 10.00am S
5 Chung Cheng High School (Yishun) 10.20am GWH
20 minutes interval
6 Swiss Cottage Secondary School 11.00am G
7 Bedok South Secondary School 11.20am S
8 Bukit Panjang Government High School 11.40am S
9 Jurongville Secondary School 12.00pm B
10 Coral Secondary School 12.20pm S

Day 1 Session 2
20 April 2009 (Monday)

S/N Name of school Time Results
11 Manjusri Secondary School 2.00pm S
12 Anglican High School 2.20pm G
13 Siglap Secondary School 2.40pm B
14 Holy Innocents' High School 3.00pm B
15 Pasir Ris Secondary School 3.20pm GWH
20 minutes interval
16 East View Secondary School 4.00pm S
17 Chung Cheng High School (Main) 4.20pm GWH
18 Serangoon Secondary School 4.40pm S
19 Greendale Secondary School 5.00pm S

Day 2 Session 1
21 April 2009 (Tuesday)

S/N Name of school Time Results
20 Teck Whye Secondary School 9.00am B
21 Christ Church Secondary School 9.20am S
22 Presbyterian High School 9.40am S
23 Temasek Secondary School 10.00am GWH
24 Raffles Girls School 10.20am G
20 minutes interval
25 Si Ling Secondary School 11.00am S
26 Mayflower Secondary School 11.20am G
27 Northland Secondary School 11.40am S
28 Marsiling Secondary School 12.00pm G
29 Maris Stella High School 12.20pm S

Day 2 Session 2
21 April 2009 (Tuesday)

S/N Name of school Time Results
30 Raffles Insititution 2.10pm S
31 Nan Hua High School 2.30pm G
32 Changkat Changi Secondary School 2.50pm B
33 Yuying Secondary School 3.10pm G
34 Bukit Batok Secondary School 3.30pm S
20 minutes interval
35 Victoria School 4.10pm G
36 Nanyang Girls' High School 4.30pm GWH
37 Fuhua Secondary School 4.50pm G
38 North View Secondary School 5.10pm B

Day 3 Session 1
22 April 2009 (Wednesday)

S/N Name of school Time Results
39 CHIJ St. Nicholas Girls' School 9.00am GWH
40 Dunman High School 9.20am GWH
41 Ngee Ann Secondary School 9.40am GWH
42 St. Anthony's Canossian Secondary School 10.00am G
43 Nan Chiau High School 10.20am S
20 minutes interval
44 Ahmad Ibrahim Secondary School 11.00am G
45 Choa Chu Kang Secondary School 11.20am S
46 Outram Secondary School 11.40am B
47 Beatty Secondary School 12.00pm S
48 Broadrick Secondary School 12.20pm B

Day 3 Session 2
22 April 2009 (Wednesday)

S/N Name of school Time Results
49 Balestier Hill Secondary School 2.10pm B
50 Woodgrove Secondary School 2.30pm G
51 Pasir Ris Crest Secondary School 2.50pm S
52 Zhonghua Secondary School 3.10pm G
53 Evergreen Secondary School 3.30pm GWH
20 minutes interval
54 Jurong Secondary School 4.10pm S
55 Catholic High School 4.30pm GWH
56 Hwa Chong Insititution 4.50pm GWH
57 Seng Kang Secondary School 5.10pm B

do i have to say anything? (: it's all in the bold.
Congratulations to all the other schs too!
Thanks Yuen Yee, Juan Ning and Sandy for being concerned about SNCO!


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