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Sung Jae and Joy Bbyu Couple

I've just finished watching the last episode of Bbyu Couple. And I am damn sad now. I think I'm crying more than Joy. I love this couple sooo so much. I feel so heartbroken for them, especially when Joy cried. Their love felt really real. But it's so sad because once their virtual marriage ends, they can't meet as much anymore. They're idols, and they can't hang out together in public, even if they wanted to. And that's why I feel so bad. I truly believe they really felt love for each other. Just look at how Joy broke down and cried in his arms when he was singing 안아줘 (Hug Me). They were just starting to really feel comfortable with each other, open up more, and understand each other more. And it all suddenly ends. Wtf production crew?!  What's wrong with y'all? This couple is the bomb, man. I think they contributed to lots of viewership.

I started watching this couple because I was over at Shermaine's house to study, and she cooked soba noodles with mushrooms and a soft-boiled egg for me. She then whipped out her tablet to watch a show while eating. So you know me, I can't resist watching shows. And so I got introduced to the Sung Joy couple. That episode, they travelled to Sanya, Hainan, China. What really attracted me was when Sung Jae was feeding Joy mango, he offered her the big ass piece with the mango seed in it, hahaha. The way he's so playful and teases her was what made me decide to watch this couple. I've watched quite a few couples before: Adam couple, Goguma couple, Khuntoria couple, Pocaguri couple, Jung Jin Woon-Go Joon Hee couple,  but none were as entertaining as this couple. Notable mentions: Adam couple's Jo Kwon was funny, and Pocaguri couple's Jung Joon Young is just cheeky; the Pocaguri couple's relationship seemed more like a noona-dongsaeng one rather than a romantic one. Other couples were just being romantic, typical and BORING.

We Got Married is really a weird show. They make the couples have (fake?) feelings for each other, and then they break them apart suddenly. As people spend time together, do sweet things together, treat them like your spouse, it's impossible not to feel a hint of attraction towards them, just like actors when immersed in their characters, they should actually feel something for their onscreen partners. That's also why I think if actors think that they like each other, they should wait a while, maybe a few months after the drama ends, before getting together, because the feelings might belong to their character instead of their real selves.

I started watching the Bbyu couple, and I totally fell in love with Sung Jae. I FELL IN LOVE WITH HIM. I cannot not like him! I even felt jealous of Joy. He acts well; he sings well; he jokes well.
I've watched him in Goblin recently, and I thought his acting was good. He was capable of doing ad-libs that even impressed his sunbaenims Gong Yoo and Lee Dong Wook. I was particularly impressed by the demeanor he had in the scene where God / butterfly was using his body to talk to the Goblin and the Grim Reaper at the bar. Ho-ly-shit. I was freaking out. He actually looked like he was someone else. Impressed. But dramas give us little insight on how the actors' actual personalities are, perhaps with the exception of a few short behind-the-scenes clips. In WGM, I could see how Sung Jae is like with Joy, and with his members.
I was introduced to his singing in WGM, and his singing also impressed me quite a lot. Joy's singing was better than I thought, but still not there yet. She can hit the notes, but her voice needs more strength.
His style of humour and jokes are so ME. He cracks lame jokes and puns, and he always teases Joy. The Si-So couple's method of recharging is a hug, and Sung Jae recharges Joy by putting his huge hand on her head. When Joy asked him, "Are flowers prettier, or me?", he answered, "I'm prettier." He even used fake tears when recording a video for her, gosh. And he poured orange juice for her like how waiters poured wine, and he even wiped the bottle opening after pouring the juice, lol! I could see this couple's innocent charm. They play together so well. Their interaction tells me they are such a good match. Even though Joy isn't as entertaining as him, she reacts well to his jokes, haha. Towards the end, she even made some Sung Jae-like puns. I also love how Joy is so honest and straightforward, and says things like it is. But in their last episode, she revealed that she wasn't actually so extroverted. She only tried in the beginning to match Sung Jae's ideal lover who is an outgoing noona. Oh no. That was kind of sad. Sung Jae felt sorry towards her, and I do too.

Sung Jae didn't cry in the finale, so some fans think that Joy has a one-sided crush on him. I'm inclined towards that view too, but I think he does have some feelings for her, albeit not as strong. At the start, Joy was the one who is more aggressive in the relationship, and she was chasing after him, because Sung Jae was so damn shy. I feel that if both parties in a relationship hold back, they can't progress as fast. It's fine in a regular relationship, but this is a variety show. Their virtual marriage has a lifespan of only 45 episodes! It has to be faster. Joy expressed her feelings directly in hopes that he will also do so, but shy Sung Jae felt that it was difficult to say it. But as it progressed, Joy became less forward, possibly because as some people commented, Sung Jae didn't reciprocate enough. And then, ever since his surprise event, suddenly Sung Jae started making the moves on her!!!! (although he expresses his feelings crudely, hahaha) And it was her turn to become shy, haha, so cute. The person who makes the move (literally physically go close) first wins, because the other person will feel shy. But then, you can see that Joy missed so many of his advances. He tried to look cool, tie her shoelaces, and hold her hands, but she avoided them all. Omg lol. She said he was a man who wasn't romantic, but now that he changed, she didn't see his changes. I think the event in Ep 36 he did for her was a breakthrough for him, hahaha, in terms of his shyness to open up. Because he prepared different sweets for her during the event. There were 6 different bottles of 'jelly' (what Koreans call sweets). They were labelled: Cute and adorable "The Young Boy", Greasy and corny "The Butter Man", Don't be caught off guard "The Manly Man", A heart like the Pacific Ocean, "The Yes Man", Fiery charisma "The Romantic Macho", Mysterious "The Secretive Man". When Joy fed him a certain type of candy, he would change his personality. It was a Kill Me Heal Me concept. How cool is that?!!

Also, something to note: Sung Jae's advice for Kwak Si Yang during the bowling couple date. KSY asked him how they're so comfortable, and can play around so much. He said, "I trust Joy. I trust that she feels the same way as I do. So even if Joy farts in front of me, she still looks lovely. So I believe that she will still like me even if I fart and burp in front of her, too, That is why I can fool around and even burp. Such trust is very important." Heol... Since when was he so experienced, and had thoughts like this? I didn't expect this from him.

BTOB and Red Velvet, I think you've just gained another fan. :') Ok maybe not a fan, but I did contribute to MV views :)


Sharmayne said…
Thank you for your thoughts on Bbyu! I feel the same way! Especially when you said you fell for Sungjae, hahah I did too!
But, about their love being a bit one-sided for Joy, I recommend watching the unaired clips (if you haven't already). WGM cut out the parts where I think Sungjae showed his true affection for Joy. (I'm not sure why...) It may not change your mind, but hey, at least you enjoyed the unaired clips right?! :D I highly recommend them!!! In my opinion, they felt the most.... real ...? :)

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