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Yishun Junior College

This has been a really fast year. It's already 31 Dec.

When I made the decision to transfer to YJ, I was worried if I would regret it in the future. Well, actually I regret a little. I'm insecure about the bio department here. The notes are much more detailed, unlike TJ's Bio notes. I don't know if I really have to memorise them all. Also, some of the details from the TJ and YJ notes don't agree, e.g the order of the bacteriophage entering the bacteria. But other than that, I'm glad I came to YJ.

I know I can't have the best of both worlds. It's really frustrating, but I'll have to figure it out myself.

One of the things I like about YJ is the pace of teaching. It's very slow. But this way I can absorb better. I'm familiar with the slow pace. It's like when I was in AIPS and SNGS (not arts subjects lessons though). The teacher would repeat til the others understood and that way I learn it better. To be frank, I like the feeling of being the top few with just a little effort, just like in primary school, but it's not going to be enough in J2, in A Level. I know that. I can't motivate myself to actually get going and study. But I will have to. I need to. In order to get straight A's and get into NUS Medicine.

Another thing is I can't seem to fit in with people from those 'elite' schools like St Nicks and TJ. I don't know wy. It always happens. I can only be good friends with only a few people there, the others are just schoolmates. On the other hand, in AIPS, I was good friends with almost everyone. All the girls in our class went for recess together and sat at the same bench. Similarly in YJ, 109 is like 6/4. The whole class sits together for lunch, except a few boys, but our class is really closely knitted. And I love it. Never have I missed anybody so much when I didn't see them for a few days. It's ridiculous.

Here I dedicate little notes to some of my dear friends of 109.

To Melissa:
You're the first person I knew in the class since we were both from St Nicks and knew Jan. You're super outgoing and always have exaggerating facial expressions. Haha but that's what makes you a fun person to be with!

To You Shan:
The second person right after I knew Mel. Haha. Although you're emotional and cry frequently, I still like you, don't worry. :) Your funny little stories always make people laugh even though they're usually a little embarrassing. It's nice to talk to you. Thanks.

To Jasmine:
During orientation, actually I was quite close to you. Rarely I find someone who likes 2AM too :) You give cute reactions to things. I hope that your efforts in studying reap results!

To Shermaine:
At first, we weren't close at all. But you seemed so guai and so nice to bully. So I stuck to you hahaha. I didn't know you were so annoying!! Stop talking nonsense please.

To Pengfei:
I always wanted guy best friends! Because guys are not as emotional as girls and they've got this brother feeling. Haha! And they don't scream/ whine/ cry like girls do. Though I don't know if we are considered best friends yet. I'm happy I found a piano buddy! I usually feel lazy and don't practise much. So having a piano buddy actually motivates me to practise. So thanks! :) Sleep earlier dude.

To Austin:
Austina, don't feel too disappointed and sad okay? Remember what I've told you. If that one extra year can let you score better grades in A Level, it's definitely better than finishing in 2 years yet scoring shitty grades. Jiayou and don't give up! See you around in school! We won't forget you.

To Yu Xin:
You Running Man fanatic! Hahaha. I've become closer to you after something but I forgot what. Thanks for your efforts in making Ms Lim's birthday video. :) You're very cute, but sometimes you suddenly become fierce. Don't learn from me leh. Hahaha.

To Arham:
You're an interesting friend. Hah. Fun to hang out with. But you're so stingy with your fries!! You would only give me fries if there's any left after you stuff yourself, but that rarely happens. You're overprotective of your MacBook screen too.

To Khairul:
Well hello nerd. It's a good thing you're a nerd, and I should learn from you. You always make weird faces at me in school. And you haven't gone for any class outings! Grr. But you're quite fun to hang out with yeahh. :)

To Aizan:
You always act angry. And two-thirds of the time I fall for it. Thor, let's continue our fight against Loki next year! Haha. It's fun to have you around. Hope you will be Victorious in your pursuit of love ;) Haha.

To Shun Rong:
I don't know why you always glare at me. But other than that, you're nice to talk to. And fight with. :) Hahaha.

To Thura:
Oh hey piggy/ Loki. It's so unfair that you eat so much, yet you're so skinny. You spend so much on food, yet you don't pay class fund on time. You're full of nonsense and so annoyingggg!!!! That's what makes you fun i guess. But you're still damn annoying.

To Athirah:
You're a mugger, weird and have a sick mind. Sorry about my insensitive comments towards you, I didn't mean it, but somehow that made us closer O.o strange. Let us beat RI and Hwachies. :)

I have known all of you for a year and we've become good friends now. I hope we can become even closer friends next year! :) You may find that I keep repeating the word "fun" in the notes above, but that's what I feel about our class. Super fun and nice to bicker with.

Below is the video Yu Xin compiled for Ms Lim's birthday that was on 28 Dec! :) I sang Winter Child from Dream High for this. Doesn't sound very good though. :X

Gah. Took so long to type this post. I'm finally gonna go shower now. New year resolutions will be another post.


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